The Chronicles of Alaburg

It’s Bryn’s third semester, and Âlaburg has fallen into disarray.
Chancellor Tejal has disappeared and nobody knows why—or where. Jehal the Magic Master, who Bryn detests, has taken her place. Then, making matters worse, Ûlyėr has fallen gravely ill. Bryn and the others try their best to help.

There is also no trace of Bryn’s beloved Drena.

Only one thing is certain: the powerful magician mercilessly stalking Bryn will do anything to get hold of him—even if she has to ignite a conflict between the four nations of Razuclan.

About Greg Walters

Some words about the author…

Greg Walters lives with his wife, two small daughters, and an exceptionally cheeky Labrador retriever. He is a teacher and confessed bookworm, and prefers to write at an old table in his garden–weather permitting.

Greg also won the prestigious European Amazon Kindle Storyteller Award 2020 in Germany in the fall of last year for his outstanding fantasy writing

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