Demon Summoner III: Master (3/3)

The final volume of the 2020 Kindle Storyteller Award-winning title.

The year is 1645. A murderous war has been raging in the Holy Roman Empire for 28 years and there seems to be no end in sight.

After the death of his master Martin, Gustav is left with nothing. Only Anike is there to console him over the heavy loss. When she asks him to help her possessed father, Gustav realizes that the key to helping her—Martin’s Codex Daemonum—makes no sense to him. He must first complete his apprenticeship to be able to decipher the mysterious book. Torstensson finds him a new master, but the man only wants to kill Gustav. A reckless game begins in which everything is at stake.
“Take care of yourselves! Your beautiful Mela won’t always be there in time to save you. The real war is just beginning.”

An incredible story set during the Thirty Years’ War.

“Greg Walters doesn’t just seamlessly blend history with dark fantasy. His clear language also breaks out of the usual clichés of the genre and gives the novel a refreshing voice.”
-Victoria Linnea, Jury Member, Self-publishing Book Award


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